10 Reasons Why I’d Ditch My Valentine’s Date to Go Running With My Dog

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Running with my dog

1. Date with a “10” - My dog is far cuter than any “dog” on Tinder.

2. Improved self-esteem - Instead of feeling guilty for eating an entire box of chocolates, I feel accomplished, energetic, and proud of myself for making a healthy choice.

3. No cell phones - My dog has never interrupted a running date to talk or text on the phone. She always gives me her undivided attention (unless there’s a squirrel of course).

4. No expectations - A few cuddles are more than enough for my dog after a good run.

Dog Cuddles
5. Comfortable clothes - I would trade high heels and Spanks for comfortable running shoes any day.

6. No reservations required - While everyone else is waiting at a crowded, trendy restaurant, I’m running down a tranquil nature trail with my best friend.

7. No shaving required - A little bit of stubble never bothered my pup.

8. Responsible date - I won’t have to pay a taxi or get a designated driver.

Running with my dog

9. Zero weight gain - I won’t wake up the next day and regret overindulging on a long run.

10. Hot and sweaty - I’m guaranteed to get hot and sweaty, and feel great afterwards! Running with my dog is sure to create some quality endorphins that last all night.


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Molly Mutt Duvet_Dew in the Grass

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