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For the best running partner you’ll ever have, grab the leash and head out to share a sweat session with your pup! 

1. FAITHFUL — Your dog never cancels a run date.
2. NON-JUDGMENTAL — Your dog doesn’t care about your speed or PR.
3. SHARING — A beautiful sunrise is better when you share it with your furry friend.
4. MOTIVATION — Your pup is counting on you. 
5. SECURITY — Your dog is the perfect deterrent to criminals.
6. SERENITY — A run is more relaxing with a quiet running partner. 
7. OBEDIENCE — Expending your pup’s energy improves his or her overall behavior.
8. MOOD — Your pup’s eager face instantly elevates your mood.
9. HEALTH — Both you and your dog reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
10. LOVE — Running together is an amazing way to bond with your pup.

Do you have another reason why running is better with your dog? Leave us a comment below. 

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