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Sure, it’s nice to cross the finish line with your human running buddies, but don’t forget about your best furry friend. Dogs can also benefit from the numerous mental and physical benefits that running offers. Including your pup on your next virtual race might just boost your motivation enough to crush a new goal or earn a PR (personal record)! Running dogs are flexible and willing to run with you anytime, anywhere, making them the perfect partners for virtual races.

Why should you consider taking your RunPup with you on your next virtual run?

1. Companionship
Turn your virtual race from a lonely solo run into an interactive team sport.

2. Motivation
Increase your motivation with a cheerful running buddy who’s always ready to run.

3. Safety
Improve security by running with your dog to deter would-be criminals.

4. Joy
Be like your dog by living in the moment and finding joy in every adventure.

Man running with dog

5. Achievement
Let your pup’s energy challenge you to a faster pace and to reach new goals.

6. Memories
Party with your pup with a finish line photo-op to celebrate your accomplishment.

7. Bonding
Use the race as an excuse to take your dog for a post-run puppuccino date at Starbucks.

If those seven reasons aren’t enough, here’s one more:

8. Giving
Our "Run for Pups" virtual race series help support neglected and abandoned dogs. Together, we’ll conquer running goals, earn race medals, and help needy dogs. We run with pups and for pups—join us!

Are you ready to go running with your dog?

Use the code 7REASONS to save 20% off of your first virtual race at RunPups.

Leave a comment below, and tell us your favorite reason for running with your dog!


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