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Purpose - Perseverance - Power 


Anything worth doing includes struggles—embrace it! Persevering through struggles will strengthen your character, and that character gives you the power to set bigger goals with increased faith and confidence. Be purposeful with your actions and where you dedicate time, money, and resources. Live in a proactive state with daily activities that support your “why.” Your “why” should include purpose for yourself and a purpose beyond yourself. If you’re persistent in this process, you’ll be amazed at what you're capable of doing.


How does this relate to RunPups?

Purpose: Our purpose is growing a successful business in a thriving community. We strive to change the lives of people and pups through encouraging a healthy lifestyle with your dog and supporting various charities.

Perseverance: We help people persevere through a supportive community, providing motivational tools, rewarding persistence, and celebrating accomplishments.

Power: As we persevere and grow our character, this confidence gives us the power to attain new goals that support our mission.


Key Beliefs:

  • You’re capable of far more than you believe. Yes, really!
  • Belonging to a supportive, like-minded group strengthens your purpose, perseverance, and power.
  • Your pace does not define you as a runner. Be happy wherever you’re at in your journey.
  • Don’t compare yourself or get swayed by other people’s negative opinions of your goals.
  • Celebrate even the smallest accomplishments.
  • Dogs improve your physical and mental wellness.
  • Always have fun, be kind, and hug your pups!


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