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Meet Guardian

We’ve selected Guardian as our featured pup for our next virtual challenge. This 25-pound cutie did not have the best start in life. He was discovered in the backyard of his owner's house, chained up and neglected. Guardian desperately needed better living conditions, medical care, and affection. After some convincing, the owner finally agreed to release him to Charming Pet Rescue. This incredible rescue is giving him a second chance at finding a loving forever home.

Guardian is a three-year-old possible Sheppard mix. He’ s currently being treated for heartworm and is still recovering from his past life of neglect and abuse. Despite this, he’s an excellent little dog who’s good with children and other dogs. Guardian has been at the rescue for a while now and needs to find a loving family.

Even if you can’t adopt Guardian, you can help by Running for Pups. By participating in our virtual race challenge, you help us make donations that benefit Guardian and other dogs like him. Please join us!


Good news! Guardian was adopted and found his forever home. Registration for this race is still open. We've already pre-paid our 10% donations to Charming Pet Rescue for the remaining race packages to help other dogs like Guardian. Thanks to everyone who's already participated. 


Headstrong 100 Virtual Race Challenge 

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