Halti Optifit Dog Headcollar


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The Halti Optifit Dog Headcollar is an exceptional training tool for dogs who lunge and pull. Walking or running with a pulling dog can be dangerous for both you and your pup. The headcollar gently steers your dog in the desired direction, putting you back in control for safer activities.

The smart, adjustable design allows a custom fit for most dogs from short nose to long nose breeds. The collar provides ample room for your dog to open their mouth, pant, eat, and drink. The safety loop attaches to the regular collar, which prevents your dog from getting off the lead if the headcollar accidentally slips off.

 Headcollar Highlights:

  • Training DVD included
  • A gentle and safe training collar
  • Sliding camlock quickly adjusts for a natural fit
  • Secure safety loop that attaches to a regular collar
  • Neoprene lined noseband for supreme comfort
  • Reflective side strap for greater visibility
  • Dual interlocking buckle for additional security
  • Highly adjustable to fit most dogs

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 Size Chart


    Chest Size: 300-600mm/11.8-23.5in

    Breed: Jack Russell/Corgi/Terrier


    Chest Size: 600-800mm/23.5-31.5in

    Breed: Labrador/Retriever/Border Collie


    Chest Size: 800+mm/31.5+ inch

    Breed: Great Date/Mastiff/Rottweiler