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Race Donations

History and Future of the Run for Pups Virtual Race Program

In summer 2019 we decided the best way for RunPups to fulfill the third part of our mission statement was to start a virtual race program. We spent most of the year planning and picking the charity to support. We chose Charming Pet Rescue because of the selfless work they are doing in Texas.

Texas still has “kill” shelters, and Charming offers a second chance to countless abused, abandoned, or neglected dogs. They save dogs from kill shelters giving them opportunities to find a forever home. As a small non-profit, they have many needs to continue their valuable work.

RunPups mission statement is threefold:
• Inspire an active lifestyle with your dog
• Provide products to enhance your active lifestyle
• Share our blessing with people and pups in need

Our Goal is Transparency 

This page is still under construction. Please bear with us as we find the best way to show our efforts to help people and pups in need.  

Run for Pups Donation Tracker


If your thinking the donations to date are small—you’re right! This program is new and evolving, but when charitable contributions are involved, transparency is key. We limit advertising for virtual races because it’s incredibly costly and hinders our ability to donate. We depend on you to spread the word and join our mission to help people and pups in need. Together we can increase donations and make this program a success.


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